With the advent of the Internet and the improvements in mobile technology, many more organizations are taking advantage of the worldwide consumer market by using ecommerce integration. Using a combination of local and online processes, businesses use a concept called ecommerce integration to maximize their revenue opportunities and improve efficiency. Ecommerce integration is the processing of orders and financial transactions by using a website in conjunction with a traditional model of doing business. This allows consumers to quickly make purchases and manage transactions without requiring human contact or support.

If you've been thinking of adding shopping-cart functionality to your site, or are planning on starting a new e-commerce site, come to us. Our team of e-commerce experts can tackle any storefront, large or small. We offer several different shopping cart solutions, and are able to customize all of them to suit your business perfectly.

At VitalTek we specialize in eCommerce integration with several ERP systems to provide real time access to data (Inventory, Orders, Customers). Regardless the type of integration you are trying to implement (Internet or Intranet) we will more that happy to assist you with that project.

With large companies, ecommerce integration is becoming more and more important as consumers in greater numbers are doing much of their shopping on the Internet. That means even traditional retailers have had to step up their online marketing processes to provide a convenient way for customers to make their purchases online through web-enabled technology. Many consumers use a two-fold approach to making purchase decisions today: first by searching for the best prices online and then by placing orders on ecommerce websites.

A completely integrated ecommerce solution allows a seamless and continuous flow of information between the ecommerce solution and your existing accounting software, POS or ERP solution, your business processes (order fullfillment system, customer service, sales and marketing), your shipping companies, your electronic payment services, new online sales channels, other Internet services and much more.


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